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EZ over the door chin up and pull up bar

What separates this pull up bar from the rest: A special EVA pad is used to increase stability and gains better friction for support. It also helps protect your door frames better then all others.  Make sure you don't buy a cheap knock-Off!

Our Price: $49.99
Landmine T-Bar Row Platform

Fits all standard and Olympic bars. Simply put one end of the bar in the platform cup and load up the other end with all the weight you can handle.

Our Price: $69.99
Sale Price: $52.99
Save $17.00!
P-90 Style Pull-Up/Chin-upBar

Get the widest chin-up bar!   Builds and tones upper body compound muscles with WIDEST GRIPS (long bar is 41")
Also develops biceps, triceps, forearms, and abs
Professional quality, heavy duty & portable
Simple assembly.

Our Price: $59.99
Wall-Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar Wall-Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar

Our Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars are built with professional quality hi-grade steel with a non-slip powder coating and comfort grips. Easy to assemble: mount on solid wall or wood beam. Offers multiple grip positions for a variety of exercise options.

Our Price: $119.95
Sale Price: $89.95
Save $30.00!
Best Fitness Inversion Table

The Best Fitness BFINVER10 Inversion Table is designed to take advantage
 of the downward force of gravity to relieve pressure in your back. In
one smooth, fluid move, you can safely go from an upright position to  
completely inverted.

Our Price: $179.00
Best Fitness Vertical Knee Raise and Pull-Up Station

Owning the Best Fitness BFVK10 Vertical Knee Raise is like having multiple workout stations in a single, lightweight piece of equipment. Ideal for cramped quarters because of its small footprint and lightweight, the BFVK10 puts you in complete control of sculpting your abs, chest, back and arms.

Our Price: $199.00

Heavy Duty Construction, Deluxe Padding, 4" Dia. Foam Padding, Adj. Foot Holder
SIZE: 21" X 47" X 30"H - 55 lbs

Our Price: $249.00
Sale Price: $199.00
Save $50.00!
Body Solid GHYP345 Back Hyperextension

It's a combination inverted back extension and oblique flexor set at an
exact 45 angle for ultimate conditioning. Strengthen your lower back
safely and comfortably on the strongest 45 Hyper available.

Our Price: $315.00
Powerline Lat Machine

Perform a wide variety of upper body building exercises like lat pull
downs, triceps press downs, seated rows, upright rows and more. Features
dual position 8" foam rollers to hold you in position and patented
nylon bushings for super smooth operation.

Our Price: $365.00
Lat Attachment for Power Rack

Transform your Body-Solid Power Rack into a multi-workout machine.

Our Price: $370.00
GRCH-322 (Back Extension)

Unsurpassed development of the abdominal, oblique, lower back, glute, and hamstrings......

Our Price: $490.00
Sale Price: $380.00
Save $110.00!
Body-Solid Seated Row Machine GSRM40

This is the tool of the trade for building depth in the middle back and training the hard to reach lower lats

Our Price: $399.00
Reverse Hyperextension / Hip Extension Machine

  • Adjustable arm rests with deluxe pads
  • Adjustable rear leg holders mounted on pillow block bearings
  • Accommodates users up to 6' 6"
  • 63 L x 44 H x 44 W
  • Machine weighs 144 lbs.
  • Converts to glute ham raise machine with purchase of optional leg holder attachment

Our Price: $399.99
Body Solid GVKR82 pull up and dip station

Designed to provide an intense ab workout while eliminating strain on
the lower back, the Vertical Knee Raise Machine is hard to beat for
vacuuming the waistline.

Our Price: $575.00
Sale Price: $440.00
Save $135.00!
PCC090X- Powerline Cable Crossover Machine

A dynamic addition to any exercise program.

Our Price: $450.00
Body-Solid Pro Lat Machine GLM83

Finish your lat workout, let go of the 48inch lat bar and grab the
20inch seated row bar on the low pulley and continue working out.
Features included patented nylon bushings to provide super-smooth

Our Price: $605.00
Sale Price: $460.00
Save $145.00!
Body-Solid Glute & Ham Machine SGH500

Fitness professionals worldwide recognize the Roman Chair & Back
Hyperextension for its unsurpassed development of the abdominal,
oblique, lower back, glute, and hamstrings.

Our Price: $575.00
Powertec Levergym Assisted Chin/Dip (L-CDA)

List Price: $845.00
Our Price: $739.00
Save $106.00!
Powertec Lat Machine PLM-16

Can be used with Olympic weights or optional 190 lb stack.

List Price: $859.00
Our Price: $759.00
Save $100.00!
Pro Club Commercial Leverage Lat Pulldown

2" x 3" 11 gauge steel mainframe
Electrostatically applied powder coat paint finish, metallic silver
Durable double stitched upholstery
Sealed bearing pivot points
Dual axis diverging arm movement for biomechanically correct lat pull downs
360 degree articulating hand grips for free floating downward pulling motion
Adjustable leg hold down pads
Gas assisted seat adjustment
Weight plate holders for plate storage

*Olympic weight plates not included

Dimensions: 76"(194cm) L x 49"(123cm) W x 84"(214cm) H
Shipping weight 182lbs/83kg

Our Price: $1,149.00
Body Solid GMFP-STK PRO-Select Multi Functional Press

The most versatile selectorized piece in the Body-Solid line.

Our Price: $1,295.00