As one of the Partners here at Fit Equipment Etc, I wanted to take a moment to explain what is still going on in the world of Fitness Equipment. Simply put, the supply chain is getting better but still broken and the internet/amazon is fractured.  A lot of places may say something is in stock, but be AWARE!

There are no more normal or accurate lead times on product availability. There are extreme variables that are tying up the trucking industry. There really is a new normal- which means organized chaos.

Most on line retailers are taking your money and really throwing caution/morals to the wind. The amount of complaints we are hearing from customers are alarming. BE VERY careful when someone takes your money and tells you it should be in stock at some point. What they should be saying is we have no idea of anything at this point. Also- REMEMBER- you have 30 days to dispute a charge and lead times are at least that in most cases.

The good news is that there are actual stores that do this for a living and have stock! We will be the first to get items. We have tons in stock and should have it delivered and installed to you w/in a week!  Shop at your local store!  (*Do be wary of some stores popping up to try to take advantage of this surge-  Here today, but gone tomorrow.)  We have been here for over 30 years!

Being one of New England's largest retailers, we have been working day and night to secure inventory, continue to get equipment in daily, and can deliver and service! Believe me, I know it is frustrating  but definitely worth coming in!  See are FAQ's below. You will have the safest and best shopping experience imaginable. You will be able to shop our giant showroom stocked with NORMAL pricing.   Just bear with us as we are getting hundreds of calls and emails daily.


Are items on the website available?
Inventory is changing daily. We recommend contacting us to check the status on a specific item.

Can I order online?
Absolutely! Just keep in mind that some items are temporarily unavailable and ETA's are often difficult to obtain. We recommend contacting us for details.  We recommend coming into the store to test and try it first!

I tried calling, but can't seem to get through. How can I get in touch?
We ask that you e-mail us at [email protected] or fill out the form on our site. We're currently experiencing a massive surge in calls and are trying our best to answer as many as possible!

Do you offer delivery and Install?
Absolutely! Both options are available. We can simply drop off at your door, fully install in your house or prebuild and deliver or have available for pick up- Tons of options.