Selection & Pricing

It is simple. 

  • Offer the most extensive selection of Home, Light Commercial and even Commercial Equipment in a massive showroom. This is the only way to truly compare.

  • Offer the best pricing that you can find any where- on line or in store.

  • Sell all brands at every pricepoint for customers to actually get on them to try out.

  • Also offer tons of pre-owned at enormous discounts.

  • Sell every accessory out there as well as offer financing, lay away plans, and bulk discounts.


  • Be open 7 days a week, answer the phone & any questions you have.
  • Assist you in the buying process with absolutely no stress to buy and commission free sales people.
  • Offer delivery, install, removal, repair and a free year of service.

  • Offer free training, fitness and nutrition advice.

  • And maybe most importantly, be there when you have an issue! B/C you will...

It is a very difficult world out there when it comes to buying fitness equipment.  The waters have been muddied and the choices more complex.  What brand should you buy?  What features should you expect?  How much should you spend to get a quality machine that won't break down?  Which reviews should you believe?  What type of motor should you look for?  What is the most important part of the warranty? What are the differences between all the machines?  Are you paying too much or too little for your fitness equipment and ultimately getting "ripped" off?  The ONE thing you can assure yourself when you shop at Fit Equipment Etc. is that you will leave with all of these questions answered honestly.  You will leave with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.  You will never feel pressured and you will never find a better variety of equipment at lower prices, GUARANTEED!  For over 25 years, we have supplied treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, home gyms, fitness accessories etc. in Boston, in Massachusetts, and all over the Country!  

     The other factor you should keep in mind is the level of customer service and support you will receive.  We have learned a lot being in the business for close to three decades and we encourage you to ask anyone who has visited or purchased from us on their experience.  It seems as though Customer Service has gone out the window in most companies and we are actually surprised as consumers when we are treated well.  That's not right! Our customer service is the top priority in every meeting we have.  We do go above and beyond and our level of commitment is second to none!  Most importantly, our customers will back that up!  Aren't you tired of being confused and paying too much for quality equipment? It's obvious that we all need to exercise. But where do you go when you need fitness equipment? Whether you are looking for a treadmill, an elliptical machine, a bike, a home gym or any accessory you can think of, there is only one choice... Come check out New England's largest fitness and exercise equipment showroom!