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Calf Block

  • 4" x 24" top surface
  • Non-slip diamond plate

Our Price: $33.99
Leg Developer Attachment for FID71 Bench

Leg Extensions are designed for ultimate strengthening of the Knee and Thigh muscles. Leg Curls for maximum concentration of Hamstring and Glute muscles.
For use with #GFID71 only

Our Price: $110.00
Squat Box - Adjustable

Heavy duty construction, Specially made for heavy squatting, Adjustable from 13-16", 18" x 18" solid non-skid ribbed rubber top.

Our Price: $139.99

Heavy Duty Construction, Deluxe Padding, 4" Dia. Foam Padding, Adj. Foot Holder
SIZE: 21" X 47" X 30"H - 55 lbs

Our Price: $249.00
Sale Price: $199.00
Save $50.00!
Powerline Vertical Leg Press PVLP156X

The Powerline Vertical Leg Press provides an impressive platform for
obtaining huge muscle gains through isolated lower body workouts. The
unique vertical design not only reinforces support for your back and
hips, but also minimizes space used to perform the exercises.

Our Price: $399.99
Reverse Hyperextension / Hip Extension Machine

  • Adjustable arm rests with deluxe pads
  • Adjustable rear leg holders mounted on pillow block bearings
  • Accommodates users up to 6' 6"
  • 63 L x 44 H x 44 W
  • Machine weighs 144 lbs.
  • Converts to glute ham raise machine with purchase of optional leg holder attachment

Our Price: $399.99
Leg Extension and Leg Curl Cam Machine by Body Solid GCEC340

Leg workouts have never been so quick and efficient. The two most
important leg exercises can now be performed from one comfortable
position. The fully adjustable 7-gauge steel cam will easily accommodate
any user.

Our Price: $489.00
Seated Calf Raise GSCR349

A combination of user-friendly ergonomic design and advanced
biomechanical engineering, the GSCR349 was created to increase calf
muscle interaction and speed the rate of development.

Our Price: $499.00
Body-Solid Seated Leg Extension & Lay Down Leg Curl GLCE365

Leg extensions and leg curls are high priority exercises with trainers,
bodybuilders, and coaches. These exercises define the front and back of
the leg. They strengthen the knees, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes.

Our Price: $525.00
Body-Solid Glute & Ham Machine SGH500

Fitness professionals worldwide recognize the Roman Chair & Back
Hyperextension for its unsurpassed development of the abdominal,
oblique, lower back, glute, and hamstrings.

Our Price: $575.00
Leverage Squat and Calf Machine GSCL360

Ask any fitness professional what exercise is the best for developing
explosive lower body power and the answer is always the same: the Squat.
The Squat is the ultimate exercise for building mass and strength in
the thighs, glutes, calves, and lower back.

Our Price: $699.00
Powertec Leg Press

Compact footprint, 1000lb capacity.

List Price: $1,083.00
Our Price: $940.00
Save $143.00!
Pro Club Commercial Leverage Leg Curl LVLC

2" x 3" 11 gauge steel mainframe
• Electrostatically applied powder coat paint finish, metallic silver
• Durable double stitched upholstery
• Sealed bearing pivot points

Our Price: $999.00
Pro Club Leverage Leg Extension LVLE

2" x 3" 11 gauge steel mainframe
• Electrostatically applied powder coat paint finish, metallic silver
• Durable double stitched upholstery
• Sealed bearing pivot points

Our Price: $999.00
Pro Club-Line Multi Squat Rack

The SMR1000 commercial multi rack system is the perfect machine for providing all size users a safe and comfortable platform to maximize squats and pressing motions. 1/4" solid steel gun rack style liftoffs provide multiple positions for a comfortable starting position.

Our Price: $1,499.00
Sale Price: $1,320.00
Save $179.00!
Leg Press & Hack Squat

Body-Solid engineers knew that the best way to build an explosive lower
body, and stay that way, would be to make your workouts incredibly
Powerful... Comfortable... and Safe.

Our Price: $1,725.00
Sale Price: $1,350.00
Save $375.00!
Leg and Calf Press Machine by Body Solid

2:1 ratio. Double beam design eliminates ankle stress and provides
consistent resistance throughout full range of motion. Pivoting press
plate rotates both forward and downward to target thighs, hamstrings and

Our Price: $1,945.00
Sale Price: $1,550.00
Save $395.00!
Body-Solid Inner & Outer Thigh Machine

Trim and tone those trouble spots with the Inner & Outer Thigh
Machine.  Do both abductor/adductor exercises from one seated position.
5 range of motion adjustments accommodate users of all sizes.

Our Price: $1,650.00
Pro Club Line Leg Press (Full Commercial)

Body Solid Pro Club Line Leg Press with 210 lb. Weight Stack Model SLP500G/2

A machine of enormous power and durability. True to Body-Solid tradition, this is no ordinary Leg Press uses sophisticated pillow block and sealed ball-bearings for precision alignment and friction-free movement. This allows you to achieve higher performance results.

Our Price: $1,999.00
Pro Club Commercial Leverage Horizontal Leg Press

2" x 3" 11 gauge steel mainframe
• Electrostatically applied powder coat paint finish, metallic silver
• Durable double stitched upholstery
• Sealed bearing pivot points
• Direct drive press system for accurate and effective weight resistance
• Large pivoting footplate maintains correct foot position throughout range of motion
• Dual self aligning 1 1/2" linear bearing seat carriage design easily adjusts to accommodate various foot positions
• Fully adjustable back support for proper body alignment and comfort
• Weight plate holders for plate storage

*Olympic weight plates not included

Dimensions: 87"(221cm) L x 61"(155cm) W x 56"(142cm) H
Shipping weight 525lbs/239kg

Our Price: $2,299.00