We offer complete product solutions for Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Universities. Offering a wide array of Strength Machines, Cardio Equipment, Fitness Accessories and Weights, we the product to meet the needs of any scholastic facility.

Scholastic applications need to be appealing and challenging to users of all kinds of fitness levels and experience. Our diverse product array ensures a proper mix of quality fitness equipment for any educational facility. Quality, value, function and service are the reasons thousands of commercial facilities have chosen us.

We have the experience, the knowledge and the products to make the most out of your fitness facility budget. Plus, being New England's largest fitness showroom and supplier of equipment we are able to offer value, durability, strong warranties and more choices then any other competitor!

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Simply give us a call or peruse our website for some more options. We have many choices! Our design team will not only help you in deciding which equipment is right for your specific club/facility, but also will help you in the design layout with blueprints made to scale. We supply everything from top of the line cardio equipment to top of the line strength equipment. Our enormous buying power allows us to offer you many different choices and we will not try to push you in one direction or with a specific company like most others will! We also don't forget the "little" things- from posters, to flooring to body balls etc.. Our quotes and consultations are absolutely free. Call our design team now! (508) 756-6774