Whether you are equipping a small, medium, or large gym space, many questions will arise. Searching for the right elliptical(s) can be very difficult! A lot of facilities simply do not want or need high end equipment. So what are your choices? We tend to sell a lot of light commercial equipment for a good reason! Light Commercial means if you have a facility that will get less then 6-7 hrs use/ day then you are able to buy this equipment with confidence. You will have full warranties on these ellipticals and have equipment that can handle the pounding of multiple every day use.
Do not let someone tell you that you must buy full commercial high end equipment. (As we do offer full commercial equipment, it is simply overkill for most situations) Also be wary of dealers trying to sell you high end home equipment that will not stand up to the use and the manufacturer will not warranty these. *Know what you are buying- who warranties it, what the warranties are, who services it and what is the fine print!

Below are just a taste of some fantastic choices to meet any of your specific elliptical needs and/or budget!

We start with the CE800 Light Commercial Elliptical
from Spirit Fitness. Spirit has won numerous awards from
Consumer Reports and Runners World. They make some
of the best Light Commercial equipment on the Market.
They have been coined the Honda or Toyota of Fitness Equipment.
Whats great about this equipment is the durability, smooth feel,
warranty, and cost. (4 of the most important factors when
buying and elliptical) A five star rated machine, makes an
excellent choice for any facility looking for top end equipment.
Just $2399!
5 Year Warranty on Everything!
Light Commercial
40 Levels of Resistance
450 Lb User Capacity
Self generating (No Plug!)
Multiple Programs
Heart Rate
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FINALLY! An adjustable stride elliptical that doesn't break the bank!
One of the main complaints for elliptical training is that the stride is
generally fixed. That means you have no variability, no way of
adjusting the machine, and unless you wanted to drop $3500 and up,
you were stuck... UNTIL NOW! Come check out this commercial
adjustable stride machine at just $2599. Simply awesome!

Here we have the Light Commercial Spirit Fitness XE895 that was
designed with comfort, durability, and value in mind. In a setting where
multiple size users may complain of certain machines, get one that fits
ALL users!

Just $2599!
5 Year Warranty on Everything!
Light Commercial
20 Levels of Resistance
400 Lb User Capacity
18 in to 24in Adj. stride
Multiple Programs
Heart Rate
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Next we may have the Perfect Elliptical! If full commercial
luxury is important, then look no further.
With a footprint 20% smaller than other ellipticals on the market,
the Landice Elliptical Cross Trainer is one of the most
economically designed exercise units available. It takes up less space
while providing the closest replication to running outside without the
impact on the joints and knees. Its
stride length can be adjusted from 17in to 23in to accommodate to
multiple user needs. Orthopedic gel foot pedals, low step up,
(optional arm use only!), most natural stride, built like a tank are just
some of the features on one of the best top rated ellipticals money can buy.

Just $3695!
5 Year Warranty on Everything!
Full Commercial
20 Levels of Resistance
500 Lb User Capacity
17 to 23 Adjustable Stride
Multiple Programs
Heart Rate
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We have so much to choose from! This is just a taste of some great options. Simply give us a call or continue to peruse our website for some options. Our design team will not only help you in deciding which equipment is right for your specific club/facility, but also will help you in the design layout with blueprints made to scale. We supply everything from top of the line cardio equipment to top of the line strength equipment. Our enormous buying power allows us to offer you many different choices and we will not try to push you in one direction or with a specific company like most others will! We also don't forget the "little" things- from posters, to flooring to body balls etc.. Our quotes and consultations are absolutely free. Call our design team now!