We are perplexed that our Police and Fire Stations are not given full grants from the government to build top class fitness facilities. Just another thing wrong with society. Seeing them have to scrap together funds and rely on their own money is crazy. This is why for over 25 years we have continued our commitment to develop solutions that best fit the needs and help out our nations finest. Whether your facility accommodates the needs of the local firehouse or the needs of the entire police district, we have the expertise and experience needed for any size project.

We all know how important it is for everyone to be in their best shape, but for Police & Fire departments across the country, lives are depending on it. Police and fire workout facilities need to have a good mix of both cardio and strength training equipment, and be able to accommodate a wide range of physical size and ability, from endurance users to muscular power-users.

We understand that Police and Fire Stations are challenged with rising operating costs and regulations while meeting expectations with innovative and durable products. Being New England's largest fitness showroom and supplier of equipment we are able to offer value, durability, strong warranties and more choices then any other competitor!

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Simply give us a call or peruse our website for some more options. Our design team will not only help you in deciding which equipment is right for your specific club/facility, but also will help you in the design layout with blueprints made to scale. We supply everything from top of the line cardio equipment to top of the line strength equipment. Our enormous buying power allows us to offer you many different choices and we will not try to push you in one direction or with a specific company like most others will! We also don't forget the "little" things- from posters, to flooring to body balls etc.. Our quotes and consultations are absolutely free. Call our design team now! (508) 756-6774