We have been delivering custom solutions and configurations for Personal Training Studios and Personal Trainers for nearly 30 years. We truly understand the trainer wants the best possible value, durability and flexibility within their working budget and facility requirements.

As more and more individuals now turn to professionals to help them achieve their fitness goals, the special needs of the personal trainer has changed. Beyond demanding fitness equipment that performs movements the way the human body is supposed to work, it is now more imperative to let clients know that you have invested in the best tools available to improve their fitness levels. (From Slam Balls to TRX Bands, From Plyo Boxes to Kettlebells, from Foam Rollers to Bumper Plates- The list goes on and on of unique products you must offer that we can supply as well as the mainstream Cardio and Strength Equipment.)

The majority of training studios are operated by entrepreneurs requiring a strict budget. The ability to increase revenue and reduce monthly overhead is of the utmost importance! Let us become a partner with you in providing your clients the very best equipment and fitness knowledge to achieve their goals.

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Simply give us a call or peruse our website for some more options. We offer many different choices! Our design team will not only help you in deciding which equipment is right for your specific club/facility, but also will help you in the design layout with blueprints made to scale. We supply everything from top of the line cardio equipment to top of the line strength equipment. Our enormous buying power allows us to offer you many different choices and we will not try to push you in one direction or with a specific company like most others will! We also don't forget the "little" things- from posters, to flooring to body balls etc.. Our quotes and consultations are absolutely free. Call our design team now! (508) 756-6774