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Powerline Preacher Curl Bench

The best exercise for building thick, crowned biceps is without a doubt the bicep curl. This Preacher Curl Bench eliminates cheating and elbow stress while providing perfect isolation to hammer your biceps. Features adjustable seat and extra-wide, stable design.

Curl Bar, Weights and collars optional

Our Price: $189.00
Seated Hand Grip Machine

  • Knurled arm handles
  • Front load beam is adjustable to 3 horizontal positions and 2 vertical positions
  • Designed for all size arms
  • Arm exercises can be performed sitting on a stool (optional utility stool pictured in last photo)
  • Leverage design provides 1:2 ratio
  • 2" x 2" steel tube construction
  • 9" pegs for Olympic plates
  • 25"W x 24"D x 32"L
  • Weighs 40 lbs.

Our Price: $199.99
Dip Station GDIP59

Build awesome shoulders, thicker delts, and killer triceps on our
freestanding Dip Station. This upper body developer gets its stability
from the wide and extended base that eliminates rocking. The 2"x3"
heavy-gauge steel uprights are perfectly angled for all size users.

Our Price: $249.00
Body Solid GVKR-60 Dips, Knee Raise

This completely freestanding, multi-purpose Vertical Knee Raise features
a walk-in design with convenient step up entry and no slip footing.

Our Price: $465.00
Sale Price: $360.00
Save $105.00!
Body Solid Preacher Curl Bench

When it comes to isolating the biceps for maximum concentration and
development, nothing beats the Preacher Curl! Preacher curls are
essential for building overall biceps mass including the often difficult
lower biceps.

Our Price: $500.00
Sale Price: $385.00
Save $115.00!
Body Solid GVKR82 pull up and dip station

Designed to provide an intense ab workout while eliminating strain on
the lower back, the Vertical Knee Raise Machine is hard to beat for
vacuuming the waistline.

Our Price: $575.00
Sale Price: $440.00
Save $135.00!
Body Solid Cam Series Biceps & Triceps Machine GCBT380

Bulging biceps and triceps are yours to develop with this intelligent
dual-function design. Raise or lower the adjustable seat for proper
positioning and then rest your arms on the over-stuffed support pad.

Our Price: $489.00
Body Solid GMFP-STK PRO-Select Multi Functional Press

The most versatile selectorized piece in the Body-Solid line.

Our Price: $1,295.00
Weight Assisted Chin-Dip Machine FCDSTK

With its weight-assisted kneepad mechanism, the Fusion Chin-Dip provides
the same benefits of chin and dip exercises to everyone, regardless of
their current fitness level or weight. Plus, its 210 lb. weight stack
enables you to counterbalance your own bodyweight.

Our Price: $1,485.00